Date: Jan 16, 2013 9:10 PM
Author: Evan Romer
Subject: June 2014 Regents exam schedule is up ...

... and it's not pretty.

The Common Core Regents exams in Algebra I, Geometry and ELA will be
given June 3-4, which is two weeks before the start of Regents week.
(The memo implies that this will be for the first year only, not every
year. Presumably CC Algebra II will be given early in June 2015.)

This is not presented as a draft exam schedule: it's presented as the
exam schedule.

So, in case we didn't already know this, NY considers the testing
program more important than, you know, actual teaching and learning.
Not only does this cut two weeks of instructional time for math, but
it will disrupt other courses on those exam days.


The memo also states that the three "traditional" Regents Exams (Int
Alg, Geo, A2T) will also be given in June 2014 and that the phase-out
timeline for those exams has not been determined. Did we know that?
It's news to me.

Are those exam only being given so that students who studied the non-
CC curriculum can take those exams? Or do districts have the option of
delaying adoption of Common Core? In past curriculum transitions
districts have had the option to wait, but from everything else we've
seen on enageny (rhymes with progeny), I assume that waiting is not an
option this time. Does anyone know?


Two smaller notes:

The last 3 days of exams are just RCTs, plus Chem. That's new.

The Int Alg, Geo and A2T Regents are all given on the same day, with
Geo and A2T both in the afternoon. Is that good? Will there be a
significant number of students taking both?

Evan Romer
Susquehanna Valley HS
Conklin NY

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