Date: Jan 17, 2013 3:16 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Re: The Cop Law Paradigm

On Jan 15, 6:31 pm, M Purcell <> wrote:
> On Jan 15, 4:17 pm, Kevin <> wrote:

> > I have to say that the most useless information I've acquired to date
> > is to have the 'Cop Paradigm' made comprehensible to me... How sucky
> > is it to work in a machine shop that is managed by former cops? Yeah,
> > Well, It is suckier that that, let me tell you something... You would
> > thing that there is a balance between the lavish praise that the
> > government gives to the police and how delusional the rest of us know
> > that cops must be for believing that the rest of us really give a
> > shit. Oh, No, it isn't like that at all... Ya know, I'm 100% Rock &
> > Roll and I don't comprehend flattery... Cops comprehend flattery and
> > that is the really weird thing with them... No matter how much you
> > might know about science and other things which are important to the
> > government... Government trust is controlled by the cop paradigm.

> It's easier to trust something you control.


True enough... I suppose in the final analysis, my mother was right
(She didn't want me to go into engineering...) I doesn't seem fair, I
think... An honest university professor should tell his engineering
students that the bosses of engineers are the worst bosses and every
other boss an engineer has will be worse then the previous boss... I
still have a smile on my face though... Empathy as a science is
controlled by engineers... It is dishonest to claim that anyone
empathizes with an engineer... It gives engineers at least the margin
of power... Only engineers collectively can legitimize who is and who
is not an empathetic character.