Date: Jan 17, 2013 4:02 PM
Subject: was the Tuscan Man the rootstock of all the races of modern man; NOVA<br> "Decoding Neanderthal" #193 Rockthrowing theory book

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> Origins of the white race, black race and yellow race
> some 60,000 years ago
> Polar bears are white and warmer latitudes the bears are black or
> brown. This is due to Vitamin D and sunlight. The very same biological
> evolutionary factors are at play with Homo sapiens as it was for bears
> and vitamin D.
> Homo sapiens is reduction of hair and the wearing of clothing to gain
> warmth so in order to compensate the skin color changes from black to
> that of white in the colder climates with the reduction of hair.
> Now in the NOVA tv show Decoding Neanderthals they provide a timeline
> of 60,000 years ago that African Sapiens migrated or invaded into
> Europe, where, there already was the species Homo Neanderthal. And
> within about 30,000 years upon arrival, all the Neanderthals were
> extincted. Stonethrowing theory would say that Sapiens extincted the
> Neanderthals because they could not throw rocks and stones as well as
> Sapiens. And that there was no interbreeding for the Neanderthals were
> truly a different species and the HACNS1 gene is the gene that
> separates the Homo Sapiens species from the Homo Neanderthal species.
> The HACNS1 gene is a throwing gene. If you had a throwing contest
> between women throwers and men throwers, would be the same analogy as
> having a fight to the death of Neanderthal throwers versus Sapiens
> throwers.
> The question on my mind today, is how and when and where did Homo
> sapiens become the three races of white, black, and yellow?
> The NOVA show gives us clues as to that origin. In that NOVA show they
> talk about Tuscany Italy where they have a pool of genetics different
> from most places. Of course, NOVA made a mistake in thinking it was
> Neanderthal interbreeding. So what I am offering is a different
> interpretation of the Tuscany gene pool. I am saying the Tuscany gene
> pool was where the African Sapiens that migrated some 60,000 years
> ago, that Tuscany is where this African sapiens became "more white in
> skin color" and "lost much of its hair" in order to better uptake in
> Vitamin D. So to me, the Tuscany gene pool is the start of the White
> Race of Homo Sapiens.
> Now the African Homo Sapiens is the Black Race of 60,000 years ago.
> But the question is, what is the origin of the Yellow Race that would
> settle most of Asia? Correct me if wrong, but the Yellow Race seems to
> have less hair than even the white race. I suppose the greatest hair
> loss would be the yellow race in the arctic such as the Eskimos. The
> loss of hair is required to take in more sunlight for Vitamin D. And
> the loss of hair is compensated by wearing of clothing. The change of
> skin color is another factor to gain more Vitamin D.
> So the question is, did this Tuscany colony that was the birthplace of
> the White Race invade and migrate into Asia to become the Yellow Race,
> or is the African Sapiens that crossed into Europe some 60,000 years
> ago the same stock of genes that would migrate over into Asia and
> become the Yellow Race of Homo Sapiens?
> In that NOVA show, if I can remember correctly where Hawks placed a
> huge pile of red beads on Tuscany and then further in the show it said
> that Asians have more of the genetics of Tuscany than does African,
> indicates that the Yellow Race of Homo sapiens came from Tuscany
> rather than from Africa.
> Now I need to study the geography of coming out of Africa and
> migrating east into Asia versus coming out of Tuscany and migrating
> east into Asia. Would it be easier to live off the land for a Tuscan
> going to China than for a African going to China? Of coarse, the
> Tuscan would be acclimated better for the colder weather than the
> African.

Now I seem to recall there was a Peking man living in Asia some
millions of years ago, long before the African Homo sapiens moved into
Europe and extincted the Neanderthals. So the question becomes, if our
modern day Asian is a descendent of the Tuscan man that ventured into
Asia, whether this Tuscan man extincted the Homo forms living in Asia
as well as extincting the Neanderthals.

So I wonder if we can get a genome of the African Homo sapiens of
60,000 years old, the African Homo sapiens of Tuscany of 30,000 years
ago and whether we can get the genome of the Clovis man in North
America. Also, if we can get the genome of the Homo sapiens in Asia
30,000 years ago, because I have the feeling that the Tuscan Man is
modern day Homo sapiens. I have the feeling that the Tuscan Man had
some mutations for healthy genes, whiter skin, reduction of hair and
it is this Tuscan rootstock that gives rise to all modern day races of
Homo sapiens.

That is a lot of work of a lot of genomes, but if it can be done for
Neanderthal, there is no reason to expect it cannot be done for the
Asian Homo sapiens and the Clovis Man in Americas.

What I expect to find, if it goes well, is that the Tuscan Man is the
birthplace of all the races of Homo sapiens. And depending on the
genome of the Clovis Man, we can finally tell whether the entrance to
North America was via the Atlantic or via the Pacific Oceans.

As I said in an earlier post, Anthropology will be driven mostly by
genome science and not so much by the bones found and reconstruction
of bone anatomy. The answers of anthropology will be driven by genome


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