Date: Jan 17, 2013 4:42 PM
Author: Kevin Hung
Subject: Why is property renamed in fixed-point toolbox in R2012b?

Hi everyone,

I am just curious why every now and then Mathworks would rename either function or (in this case) property name.

Before R2012b, fimath has a property called 'RoundMode'. But in R2012b, this property is renamed to 'RoundingMethod". Luckily the fixed-point toolbox still accepts the old property name (so it is backward compatiable).

This has actually screwed up the fixed-point toolbox user guide (for R2012b) a little bit. In pp. 4-5, it uses the old property name and in pp. 4-6 it uses the new property name.

Does anyone know the reason of simply renaming a property?

Thanks Kevin