Date: Jan 19, 2013 2:22 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Lord of the Bee Keepers

We're back to bees again... I guess bees iterate but they seem to make
it impossible to follow the progression... So a swarm of bees descends
on my head and I'm anointed for the sake of the fifties paradigm and
being that my aptitude is to 'zoom out' for the sake of my '70s
persona, being fifties paradigm nearly floors me with laughter... Bees
assemble given the cause of the disassembly process that follows the
assembly... Space is defined by the number of flight paths that can
pass through a given space... This space definition gives me
control... It is an iteration on my fifties paradigm... I have to
parse my bees online since obviously I can't float this analysis
through anyone in academe. My '70s persona 'zooms out'... I lack
control if I'm required to 'zoom in' Russia has 'zoom in'... I say me
and Marilyn vos Savant are a pair given that I 'zoom out' and she
'zooms in'... Having the tables turned on me is not what I'm in it
for... I always have to have an objective view of what I'm up against,
ergo, I am always just a little bit confused by design... Bees iterate
but it's like they switch dimentions between each iteration... Are you
sure that I can't stay in the 'arts' paradigm? Bees can be analygous
to an electron but it's only true with really big atoms like the
uranium atom... If bees are swarming over the outside surface of a
uranium atom, then that give me confidence that I'm back to my normal
'zoom out' aptitude... Bees actually go much deeper than the surface
of a uranium atom... I suppose I need uranium to define my space
separate from Hawking's Eurasia...

I had a dream last night that one of my bees tried to escape from
being under my control and I 'flat-lined' that bee... It seems like
the details should be important but I can't recall them...

By association: IQ wants a baseline... I'm a little bit confused since
first of all, this is statistics and since when does a machinist in
Houston control the world's baseline for Intelligence Quotient?... and
second of all, how does anyone in America have a say in the baseline
for IQ when it is obvious to me that there is a wide divergence in
terms of how much people care for what there IQ is... nevertheless,
I'm absorbed by this discussion due to the fact that I can 'zoom out'
from the baseline... It must be important since it gets my bees from
where they were at previously to uranium.