Date: Jan 20, 2013 12:39 AM
Subject: vitamin D theory for origin of races; NOVA "Decoding Neanderthal"<br> #196 Rockthrowing theory book

Alright, Vitamin D accounts well for the races of humanity, the
Caucasian, African and Occidental, the white, black and yellow races.
For if you look at geography and the intensity of sunlight, and the
need for vitamin D, that white is cold northern latitudes, black for
hot near the equator and yellow for in between latitudes.

So the evolutionary pressure to have Vitamin D uptake to ward off
disease and to have proper fit health would be a pressure to have
white skin in Europe, black skin in Africa and yellow skin in Asia.
The use of clothing for warmth is superior to hair for warmth and so
the skin had to become white to gain enough sunlight and yellow to
gain enough sunlight. So Vitamin D caused a color change of skin and a
reduction in body hair.

Now there is another trait of Occidental of slanted eyes, but I
researched that and slanted eyes appears in many African tribes and so
I do not see it related to vitamin D, nor hair reduction nor skin

Now the origin of races via vitamin D should tell us something about
whether Tuscan Man created the Occidental race or whether the African
homo sapiens created the Occidental race?

Maybe, since the Occidental is closer in genetics to the Tuscan man,
that Tuscan man is the origin.

Now I need to know if the American Indians races are closer to that of
Occidental or closer to that of European? Because here we maybe able
to tell which land bridge was crossed, the Pacific or Atlantic?


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