Date: Jan 20, 2013 3:44 AM
Subject: Matheology § 194

Matheology § 194

For many years I have in the hours of leisure granted me, given much
study of the Life and Works of Francis Bacon, who in my eyes is one of
the greatest geniuses of Christianity. By this I have become
persuaded, that the opinion so ridiculed by most scholars, of Francis
Bacon being the writer of the Shakespearian Dramas, is founded on
truth [...] The proofs, I believe I have found, are purely historical,
and I propose gradually to publish all the material in question I have
at command. [...] Therein Francis Bacon is designated not only as the
Creator of the Elisabethean Period, but indeed is addressed as
Shakespeare, for <Quirinus> (found in the seventeenth distich) denotes
clearly in English <Spear-Swinger> or <-Shaker>. [Cantor's Preface of
the Resurrecti divi Quirini Francisci Baconi edited by Cantor, 1896,
acccording to Purkert, Ilgauds: "Georg Cantor 1845 - 1918",
Birkhäuser, Basel (1987) p. 85]

Regards, WM