Date: Jan 20, 2013 3:14 PM
Author: Abdul Waheed
Subject: newff to Learn from new inputs

Hi all,
I have successfully trained and tested an ANN with newff which learns the 7 colors. When I give a new input to the network, which is not among the 7 colors (VIBGYOR colors), it also tells me which color it most resembles to. Now I want that when I query the network for any new color, not in VIBGYOR colors, and it classifies it correctly, I can give it a name, and it learns that name as well. For example my network gets input FF,00,00 and says it is 6 (Red), its okie, but when I put 00,00,00 i would also like to specify that when it says 1.93 ( almost blue, but not exactly), I correct it and say it is black, and it learns it as well. Next time when I query 00,00,00 it should say black (1.93 is now black). Do I have to train it every time with full training set now inclusive of black, or it can just learn this one, without going again into the complete training program?