Date: Jan 20, 2013 6:44 PM
Author: Kevin Ellis
Subject: Re: Help using textscan or sscanf

"james bejon" wrote in message <kdh46g$p9$>...
> % Apologies if this has already been solved elsewhere--haven't had time to read through the thread, but...
> S = {'154045001', '926665001', '615017', '1976936151', '801700', '4506702001'};
> regexprep(S, '^.*?([0-9]{1,9})$', '4421$1')


Your solution is perfect for what I need to do with the dataset arrays I have. Using regexprep in this way is very innovative in my mind. I'm pretty impressed. However, I was hoping to get your help once more. To make things more complicated now, is there a way to use regexprep to take as input the following account number and return the following result?

S = '09837381019'

regexprep(S, No idea what to put here, '4412$1')


Again, I need to pull out the digits '373810' from the account number and append '4412' to the beginning. I have never been able to use regexprep or regexpi to remove specific digits, but it seems like you may know how to do that. Any help would be much appreciated.