Date: Jan 21, 2013 3:14 AM
Author: David Bernier
Subject: Re: is this just another attack on AP, or is it a technical problem<br> of Google

On 01/21/2013 02:56 AM, David Bernier wrote:
> On 01/14/2013 12:48 AM, Archimedes Plutonium wrote:
>> About a month or two months ago, the New Google Newsgroups were
>> dismissing all of my posts under flagged for abuse. Then that stopped.
>> But now another insidious attack upon me, is that I can no longer get
>> any of the New Google Newsgroups and is stuck with the Old Google
>> Newsgroups. Mind you I prefer the Old because the New is crappy in
>> trying to post out of. The only good thing about the News Newsgroups
>> is that it filters out many of the off-topic nonsense such as HVAC or
>> BroilJab or Kevin nutters.
>> Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty in trying to get New
>> Google Newsgroups where it comes up saying " NOT FOUND" and "Error
>> 404".
>> So two months ago, my posts were being removed and flagged under New
>> Google, and now I cannot even get New Google at all.
>> So is anyone else experiencing this, or is it a directed attack on AP?
>> Like I said so many times before, if Usenet operated to where only
>> legal names can post and limited to 5 posts per person per 24 hours,
>> then we would not find ourselves in this bad situation of where we
>> have two types of Google newsgroups and have unpaid moderators
>> flagging posts when Google can cleanse the newsgroups automatically by
>> 1) legal names 2) 5 posts per person per 24 hours.
>> David Bernier question: are you having this problem of Error 404?

> No. I can see the new Google Groups here:
> dave

I like the Old Google Groups because of the "View Profile"
Option next to someone's name or Usenet alias .

Does the "View Profile" come with the New Google Groups?

David Bernier