Date: Jan 21, 2013 8:51 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Warren Buffet  advises President Obama

It's a "leftist rag", no doubt (The Huffington Post, in the opinion of some amongst amongst us - it's slightly further to the left even than the 'Newspaper of Record'), but I thought the following would be interesting, at least, as one of the world's RICH men - who by the way seems to have reneged on his class - is advising the world's most POWERFUL man:

> "Warren Buffett: Congress Is The Biggest Problem Facing Obama In His Second Term (VIDEO)"

I must confess I've not viewed the video myself yet, as it is alas taking infinitely too long to download on my computer - but it should be interesting.

But I did view much of the telecast of the public ceremony of Obama's Second Inauguration, and I did find myself oddly moved - and hoping that Obama would this time around move towards keeping his most important promises. The Inaugural Address was powerful oratory indeed. Beyonce was in wonderful voice: she should be regarded as a national treasure.

Which were Obama's "most important promises"? I guess that would depend on where you're standing. In my view, all his promises seem moderate enough. Though in the bitter view of some amongst us, Obama's least utterance must verily verily seem to be yet more of The Great Satan's work.

("Still Shoveling!")