Date: Jan 22, 2013 12:34 AM
Author: Charles Hottel
Subject: Re: Find Center and Radius of Circle For This Equation

"Butch Malahide" <> wrote in message
On Jan 21, 4:53 pm, "Charles Hottel" <> wrote:
> The equation is: x^2 +16x +105/16 +4y^2 +3y = 0
> I do not see how to get rid of the coefficient on y^2 without introducing
> a
> coefficient on x^2.
> I was able to manipulate this toget : (x + 8)^2 + 4(y +3/8)^2 = 58
> but I don't see how that helps. I feel I must be missing something or
> perhaps the problem should have had a 4x^2 factor? Thanks in advanc efor
> any advice on how to solve this.

That's not a circle, it's an ellipse. You can tell because of the
unequal coefficients on x^2 and y^2.

I must be tired since I did not notice that. So the problem statement is
wrong. Thanks