Date: Jan 22, 2013 4:47 AM
Author: john john
Subject: Anybody can help me for image processing? for detecting circle..

Hi Everyone I need help with my image processing can someone here will to help my image processing complete? I am doing egg counter.. my problem how can I trade those white dots? then display how many white dots are there in the images? This is my code for the image processing..

S = imread('29.jpg');
B= imcrop(S,[70 55 576 432]);
S2 = rgb2gray(B);
S3 = S2>180;
H = fspecial('unsharp');
I4 = imfilter(S3,H,'replicate');
se = strel('disk',11);
erodedBW = imerode(S3,se);

This is the image being process the original and filtered one..