Date: Jan 22, 2013 6:24 PM
Author: Matt J
Subject: Re: creating a larger matrix from a smaller matrix

"Erick " <> wrote in message <kdn2pu$noq$>...
> Hello,
> I have a 10x1 matrix with a bunch of values in each row. I would like to create a 40x1 matrix using the values in each row of the 10x1 matrix. I would like the first value in the 10x1 matrix to be copied 4 times into the second 40x1 matrix and then go to the second cell in the 10x1 matrix and copy that value 4 times in the 40x1 matrix and so on until this has been done for all values in the 10x1 matrix. Please let me know if there is a way to do this. Thank you


A_40x1 = kron(ones(4,1),A_10x1);