Date: Jan 23, 2013 3:43 AM
Author: Edric Ellis
Subject: Re: Using Cuda on a Server

"Alafm " <> writes:

> Actually I am able to open a matlabpool using the right GPU and I have
> already tried to install the CUDA toolkit Dev on my own
> computer. Nevertheless, the installation does not finish properly and
> I have the following pop up message "Display Driver failed
> installation". I guess that the newest releases include some safety
> checking regarding the GPU don't they? I am checking with a previous
> version (CUDA 4.2) and I will keep you updated. In the same time if
> you have any suggestions regarding this email, please let me know.

The CUDA-4.2 toolkit should work pretty much just as well. The CUDA
download page at <> does

>> Q: Will The All-In-One Installer Replace The Driver Currently Installed On My System?
>> A: The installer will give you the option to install the included
>> driver.

so perhaps there's an option not to try to install any driver.