Date: Jan 23, 2013 4:45 AM
Author: David Bernier
Subject: Re: your news...

On 01/23/2013 12:00 AM, HunterReonBarnes wrote:
> HRB WAR REPORT ~ 13-13-13 is Comming! .., it's already upon us..
> Ok, well, I really wasn't expecting too much for 12-21-12, but man, january 13,.. 13-13-13 basically... this would be the day for something, I don't think many folk pay attention to dates..
> ..could we set the next end of the world event to coinside with new years day again, there were no good end of the world parties here, I heard there were a grip of hippies at mayan temples in south america, but I seriously doubt that would be a party.
> .
> Aight, so, I got enough of you to stare at the sun with your eyelids closed to come to the understanding and belief that all the people here are genetically engineered. * * * you could have just read my book a decade ago, I already disproved moses and darwin, proved the reality (ie.. dna doesn't ever spontainiously occur{genesis} here, plants and insects at same time,birds shortly before mammals, etc..) in detail, and explained how we keep getting turned into petroleum here as organic material on the surface of earth (bi-pedal and quadropeds), how the center of earth was cold and very solid, the heat of the mantle/crust produced by endothermic chemical reaction mostly sodium bisulphate and water, and gave you scematics for a subatomic plasma drill capable of easily drilling deeper than conventional means allow, and schematics for subteranian and aquatic cities, etc..
> well.. I expected more from yall, alot more, certainly something,.. ..perhaps the problem was most of you have no love within whatsoever, otherwise justice, responsibility, cooperative effort would have occured, at least to some extent, my book was read by millions of earthlings.


Personally, I believe in Ra, the Egyptian sun god and in Thoth, also
an Egyptian god. I also believe in Newton, Nostradamus and Mozilla.


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