Date: Jan 23, 2013 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: ZFC and God

On 23 Jan., 17:40, "Jesse F. Hughes" <> wrote:
> WM <> writes:

> > Try to find the difference between the Binary Trees. That should open
> > your eyes.

> Why not finish our discussion of N first?  Why must you change the
> subject?

The reason is that you uniquely can understand what I meant. Further
it is not at all difficult to argue in the Binary Tree. And finally it
is just the same question if you consider the levels of the Binary
Tree. Enumerate the levels by the natural numbers and find that there
is a difference between all FISs of levels and the actually infinite
number aleph_0 of levels. Or better: recognize that you cannot find a
difference - although the number of paths in the respective trees
differs by more than the abyss of infinity.

Regards, WM