Date: Jan 23, 2013 12:20 PM
Author: Jesse F. Hughes
Subject: Re: ZFC and God

WM <> writes:

> On 23 Jan., 17:40, "Jesse F. Hughes" <> wrote:
>> WM <> writes:
>> > Try to find the difference between the Binary Trees. That should open
>> > your eyes.

>> Why not finish our discussion of N first?  Why must you change the
>> subject?

> The reason is that you uniquely can understand what I meant. Further
> it is not at all difficult to argue in the Binary Tree. And finally it
> is just the same question if you consider the levels of the Binary
> Tree. Enumerate the levels by the natural numbers and find that there
> is a difference between all FISs of levels and the actually infinite
> number aleph_0 of levels. Or better: recognize that you cannot find a
> difference - although the number of paths in the respective trees
> differs by more than the abyss of infinity.

No, thanks. I want to finish examining your simple claim about the
union before changing topics.

We're talking about whether ZF proves a contradiction, by proving that

NOT (A k in N)(U_n {1,...,n} > k).

This is what you claim you can show, right? Well, I think I can
recognize elementary proofs in ZF on their own merits, so I won't
discuss paths. Just show me this proof.

Thanks much.
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