Date: Jan 23, 2013 1:45 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: The Fear Complex

In Germany, the submariner is iconic and even talismanic due to the
observation that a submariner is without fear... A submariner who
displays no fear is a center of the crew's focus... The fearless
submariner doesn't have to be the commander of the boat and yet is
intrumental in the boat's function... In France, the existentialist
philosopher is a dirty smelly old man who is without fear... So who is
without fear in America? It isn't Barak Obama, is it? The notion that
Barak Obama santions empathy for himself by betraying his fear to the
public doesn't diminish his status in the minds of the people who vote
for him. Is fear a non-sequitor in the English language? Hawking is a
man without fear... He is not smart to my way of thinking and the
notion that I should emulate his fearlessness conveys what to me?
Russia may say that the flatter complex is beyond comprehension, but
in reality, flattery is a means to test for fearlessness.