Date: Jan 24, 2013 2:21 PM
Author: Kaba
Subject: Re: Inverting a graphic

24.1.2013 18:11, wrote:
> I have a decades old spectrum...on paper. Even scanning that
> stuff and running it through all available filters to get out
> the lining was a pain in the %&$ยง. Now comes the next problem:
> Its intensity vs. nanometers, instead of wave numbers...and
> for all decent applications you need an energy-proportional
> scale.
> Obviously, not even a super duper graphic editor has a "convert
> x,y to x,1/y pic" button. (?!) One option would be measuring y on
> all ~1000 x pixels, type a list and invert it with a program
> (redisplaying the list is trivial). Takes only one day or so :-)
> Do you have any ingenious idea? (Maybe some ASCII-readable
> B/W pixel list format exists to which I could convert the BMP?)

Can you show us a picture of the paper?