Date: Jan 25, 2013 3:32 AM
Author: Clyde Greeno @ MALEI
Subject: Re: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

Malkin's  greater flaw is a false assertion that the CCSS are depriving the 
states of authority.


The CCSS are a comprise ... something that all states could live with, as
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS that should be met for all students, in all states.
[Better called, C(ollective) C(ompromise) State Standards ... or MINIMUM
State Standards.] They lie somewhere between what the nation's best public
schools already were doing, and what the nation's worst public schools
already were doing.

Prominent objections to the CCSS are that they do not specify what school
standards *should* be ... only an "average" of actually what American school
standards already *are*.

OK. So now, let's get on with *also* formulating what school standards
*should* be. Only within that context is it valid to begin making
comparisons with standards employed by other nations.

The "CCSS war" dilemma is that many states ... and many educators,
legislators, etc. ... are using the CCSS as if they were "the bar" for the
nation. Yes, for the poorer schools (and states), the CCSS do raise the bar
... and that is good. But for the better schools (and states), the CCSS are
too low to serve as their own standards ... and that is good.

Malkin's flaw is that all "implementing" states still have the option of
using standards much higher than the CCSS. So, the "implementing" states
*are* setting their own standards ... at the CCSS level, or higher. So why
are so many using the CCSS as *sufficient* standards?

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Subject: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

> Doesn't Malkin realize that the Common Core State Standards are a
> continuation of the assorted reforms that were launched in 1989?
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