Date: Jan 25, 2013 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: ZFC and God

On 25 Jan., 22:38, "Jesse F. Hughes" <> wrote:

> > The set of all FISONs is not terminating. Is there a non-terminating
> > FISON? No.

> I'm not going to bother working through your addled analogy.

You need not. Just ask yourself whether or not it is possible to
define in ZFC the set of all terminating decimal representations of
the real numbers of the unit interval. If you think that it is not
possible, then you should try to learn it. If you know it already,
then we can formally restrict ourselves to working in this set until
we discover a digit that is not defined in an element of this set.

Your further questions then turn out meaningless.

Regards, WM