Date: Jan 26, 2013 2:12 AM
Subject: displacement current similar to dB/dK Chapt15.34 explaining<br> Superconductivity from Maxwell Equations #1177 New Physics #1297 ATOM<br> TOTALITY 5th ed

If I were the authors of a theory some few years ago that the Earth
was collided by the Moon which sent the Earth's axis on a 23 degree
tilt, I would be more worried that it was all false. I say that
because many of the planets seem to have large axial tilts, and we
would be ludicrous in thinking that all of them were due to moon

I keep chiding myself to make a large table of facts and data, but so
far only piecemeal tables.

axial tilt magnetic poles
Earth 23 d. aligned approx same
1 gauss

Uranus 97 degrees 59 d. axis of rotation
1.1 gauss

Neptune 28 d 47 d. axis of rotation
0.2 gauss

I am going to abandon this search for a astronomical
evidence of dB/dK although Mercury is a prime candidate since it is so
near the Sun. But I abandon it because if we look at the Displacement
Current in Ampere/Maxwell Law, we can expect a similar type of current
in the Faraday law of its magnetic current density. So I need to focus
on the Displacement Current to uncover what the magnetic current
density should be and what dB/dK should be.


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