Date: Jan 28, 2013 11:33 AM
Author: Domenico Rosa
Subject: Re: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

On Jan 25, 2013, Clyde Greeno @ MALEI wrote:

> A strawman war!
> Rosa has his own "reasons", but ...
> Will the CCSS be "another abject failure"?
> Is the automobile an "abject failure" because it
> cannot fly?
> Have our universities sunk to the level where their
> math-representatives ignore the meanings of words ...
> or do not recognize the difference between
> "necessary conditions" and "sufficient conditions?"
> The CCSS speak of conditions deemed *necessary* for
> all American schools to meet ... NOT of conditions
> which are *sufficient* ...

In my opinion, the CCSS will do little more than perpetuate the pseudo-education of American students, as was the case with the national propaganda campaign that launched assorted "stardards" and "math reform" in 1989. As was the case with the "standards" and "math reform," the sole beneficiaries will be:
1. The people who prepare and administer assorted "mastery tests."
2. The owners of the scoring mills that grade these tests.
3. Consultants who will be offering workshops, seminars and minicourses to train teachers how to implement the CCSS and how to "boost scores."
4. The writers, publishers and promoters of our bloated doorstops who will be peddling their latest editions as "meeting the CCSS."