Date: Jan 28, 2013 1:43 PM
Author: Gordon Weast
Subject: Re: XPC target not able to 'set master to PREOP'

Please contact MathWorks tech support for assistance on this.  There are 
numerous things that could be wrong. One of us will help you figure it out.

Gordon Weast
xPC Target Development

Victor wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to get a Beckhoff EtherCAT system working together with an
> XPC. The EtherCAT system works fine when running from my PC, using the
> EtherCAT Configurator, and I have exported the settings from the
> configurator to an XML file for use in Simulink.
> In Simulink I built a small model, just using the EtherCAT init,
> EtherCAT Rx Var, EtherCAT tx var, EtherCAT Update and EtherCAT Rx Frames
> blocks. I can select inputs and outputs in the tx/rx vars blocks.
> When I build the model I get some warnings about back-inheriting sample
> time settings, but I guess that's OK.
> I can succeedingly update the model on my XPC target, which also
> succeeds, but when I start the model I get the following errors:
> AT-EM ETherCAT Master V 2.1.2 Build 01 Copyright accntis technologies GmbH
> Could not set master state to PREOP
> ERROR: EtherCAT error: No Error
> System: execution cannot be started
> I can see no actiivity on the EtherCAT activity LED on the Beckhoff
> system. The values for 'PCI bus' and 'PCI slot' I used in the EtherCAT
> Init block are those I got from 'getxpcpci('all')'.
> Anyone got an idea what might be going wrong?