Date: Jan 29, 2013 2:42 AM
Author: Chris
Subject: What the meant of the symbols # and & on the following example

Bellow is presented an eigenvalue resultant of a jacobian matrix...  where appears (..)#1 and (..)#1^2,& what it means?

Root[C0 CG^2 vG^2 vL \+(2 C0 CL^2 vG vL \[Alpha]^2 \[Rho]L^2+C0 CL^2 vL^2 \[Alpha]^2 \[Rho]L^2) #1+([Alpha] \[Rho]L^2-C0 CL^2 vG \[Alpha]^2 \[Rho]L^2-2 C0 CL^2 vL \[Alpha]^2 \[Rho]L^2) #1^2&,1]

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