Date: Jan 29, 2013 7:25 AM
Subject: Re: ZFC and God

On 29 Jan., 12:41, "Jesse F. Hughes" <> wrote:
> WM <> writes:
> >> AGH!  You just rejected my definition and said that a decimal is
> >> terminating iff it is in the set of terminating decimals, and you
> >> define that set with reference to the definition of terminating
> >> decimal.

> >> Never mind.  The point remains.  The number 0.777... is not in T.
> > Then show it! Show a digit that lies beyond all digits of terminating
> > decimals.

> That is unnecessary and irrelevant.

Neither nor. Be so good and show it, if you know a way.

> All I need to show is that, for
> every function f:{1,...,k} -> {0,...,9},
>   0.777 != sum_i=1^k f(i)*1-^-i.
> I did that days ago.  You snipped it.

It is unnecessary and irrelevant. But contrary to the question I put
above, I knew this "proof" already before you showed it. So do me a
favour and show what is requred and not what is not asked for.
> > Or do you claim that it is impossible to distinguish terminating and
> > non-terminating by digits? Or do you claim that it is impossible to
> > work in the domain of terminating decimals?
> > Why can't you support your claims?

> I believe that it is obvious to the casual observer who is failing to
> support his claims.  We are going in circles here because you are
> honestly too incompetent to understand how to apply a definition.

You are wrong. I understand what you "proved" and I judge that it is
completely irrelevant.
> There is no point in continuing this conversation.

Of course you have to withdraw because you cannot show what is
required, namely how a terminating decimal by replacing digits (not by
division) can yield a non-terminating decimal
> It is literally a shame that such a stupid man is allowed to teach his
> addled thoughts on mathematics.  Shame on you and shame on your
> school.

That is the natural reaction of persons like you.

Again: You and every mathematician is challenged to prove that by the
simple operation of exchanging digits a set of terminating decimals
can yield a non-terminating decimal.

Regards, WM