Date: Jan 29, 2013 5:35 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Building a Better Microscope

Ya know, I met this kid in college and his major was physics... He
absolutely positive that he could make cold fusion work and he wasn't
going to let anything stand in his way... Uh, cold fusion has been
discredited and so what are the implications of that? Uh, Well, I'm
obsessed with building a better microscope... No one will pay me to
it since cold fusion has been discredited... It isn't like there
should be any obvious link between the two but...
It is a bit of friendly academic tit for tat in speculating what is a
sphere in higher academe... The major priority in building a better
microscope is to determine how to freeze coarse adjustments to
facilitate fine adjustments...

A sphere ultimately must mean to identify whatever it is that requires
'global initiative' in order to obtain an objective view of what the
odds of success are... Basically, Fermilab seems to be most capable of
building a better microscope but that is bad news for me and the rest
of us if Fermilab is a political num-num that helps just the Japanese.