Date: Jan 29, 2013 8:32 PM
Author: Virgil
Subject: Re: ZFC and God

In article 
WM <> wrote:

> On 29 Jan., 12:41, "Jesse F. Hughes" <> wrote:
> > WM <> writes:
> > >> AGH!  You just rejected my definition and said that a decimal is
> > >> terminating iff it is in the set of terminating decimals, and you
> > >> define that set with reference to the definition of terminating
> > >> decimal.

> >
> > >> Never mind.  The point remains.  The number 0.777... is not in T.
> >
> > > Then show it! Show a digit that lies beyond all digits of terminating
> > > decimals.

> >
> > That is unnecessary and irrelevant.

> Neither nor. Be so good and show it, if you know a way.

WHen WM can show that there is a natural beyond every other natural,
only then will need there be need to show a digit beyond every other

But in reality the union of all WM's FISONS is the set of all naturals,
an inductive set, one of whose properties is tthat for every member
there is a larger member. WM seem to have been very careful to forget
that basic property of inductive sets like N.

Perhaps WM should go back and review the Peano properties until he can
remember all of them.

> > All I need to show is that, for
> > every function f:{1,...,k} -> {0,...,9},
> >
> >   0.777 != sum_i=1^k f(i)*1-^-i.
> >
> > I did that days ago.  You snipped it.

> It is unnecessary and irrelevant.

It is precisely relevant, at least to those who have some realistic
notion of what relevance means.

> But contrary to the question I put
> above, I knew this "proof" already before you showed it. So do me a
> favour and show what is requred and not what is not asked for.

What Jesse asked for was a DISproof of:
for every function f:{1,...,k} -> {0,...,9},
0.777... != sum_i=1^k f(i)*1-^-i.

> You are wrong.

On the contrary, it is WM who is wrong here, as he is almost always.

> Of course you have to withdraw

Nonsense, Jess asked for a DISproof that
for every function f:{1,...,k} -> {0,...,9},
0.777... != sum_i=1^k f(i)*1-^-i.

> > It is literally a shame that such a stupid man is allowed to teach his
> > addled thoughts on mathematics.  Shame on you and shame on your
> > school.

> That is the natural reaction of persons like you.

And everyone of sense who reads WM's inanities.