Date: Jan 30, 2013 4:25 AM
Author: Jakub Serych
Subject: Re: Matrix elimination

Thank you for your offer. But I don't need it so frequently and when in rare cases I need to show some solution steps to my students, I can use Wolfram Alpha, which serves perfectly for this purposes.

I was just interested, if there is some built in function for it in Mathematica. So it seems, that there isn't any.



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> From: djmpark []
> The Presentations Application (which I sell from my web site for $50) has a
> section called Student's Linear Equations. It is basically for didactic purposes or
> solving small cases. It allows you to manipulate 2D matrix structures with
> detailed operations such as individual operations on rows and columns,
> individual column pivots, converting to echelon form with or without upper
> triangular reduction. It also has display with row and column names to give
> context. You can manipulate via successive displays in a notebook, or in a
> Whiteboard window.
> It also allows contravariant and covariant columns. There is also provision for
> displaying rows or columns as equation expressions, both as regular equations
> and as chemical composition equations or as chemical reactions.
> There is also provision for doing linear programming simplex operations.
> Presentations is a quite large Application aimed toward writing literate
> notebooks with custom graphics, tables and dynamic presentations.
> David Park

> Dear comunity,
> I'm trying to play around with the simple matrixes in Mathematica for the first
> time and I have beginners question:
> Does Mathematica have a function, which makes the intermediate step of
> Gaussian elimination to produce just eliminated upper triangular matrix?
> Function UpperTriangular only cuts the lower triangular places off (which is not
> what I need) and RowReduce makes the completely reduced echelon form of
> matrix.
> I needed the step in the middle of the RowReduce way.
> Thanks in advance for any tips
> Jakub