Date: Jan 30, 2013 4:25 AM
Author: Alexei Boulbitch
Subject: Re: text table

I need to make a table, but one that uses text with in, not numbers.  How do
I go about this?

You do the same as in any other table i.e. make a nested list and wrap it by Grid, but put strings as the elements of the list. Below find a table with some styling containing both text cells, cells with numbers and empty ones that I did for my own purpose. Evaluate this:

tableSkinTempNeutral1 = {{"Segment",
Column[{"Skin temperature", "thin leotard [\[Degree]C]"}],
Column[{"Skin temperature", "office clothing [\[Degree]C]"}] },
{"Forehead", 35.8, 34.2},
{"Cheek", 35.2, " "},
{"Front neck", 35.8, ""},
{"Back neck", 35.4, ""},
{"Chest", 35.1, 34.5},
{"Back", 35.3, 34.4},
{"Abdomen", 35.3, 34.9},
{"Upper arm", 34.2, 33.5}};

Panel@Grid[tableSkinTempNeutral1, Frame -> All,
Dividers -> Directive[Gray, Thickness[4]],
ItemSize -> {Automatic, 2},
Background -> {None, {LightYellow, {LightBlue, LightOrange}},
1 -> LightYellow}]

You may also play with Style statements. That is instead of, say, "Forehead" you put Style["Forhead",12,Red,Bold], and so on.

Hope this helps, have fun, Alrexei

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