Date: Jan 30, 2013 6:05 AM
Author: Tom Potter
Subject: Re: The 11 Most Beautiful Mathematical Equations

"Sam Wormley" <> wrote in message
> The 11 Most Beautiful Mathematical Equations

It's pretty obvious that the author of that article is not up to date
as he did not include the three most beautiful leading edge equations.

Potter's Law: x = e^(i^n * m*pi) = e^(i^n * (i^n *
( Modification Euler's Formula e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0 to model being and

Trebert's Law: G=EMC^2
( G / c^2 = energy1 * energy2) ( The Pope doesn't like this expression.)
( Modification of Newton's and Einstein's Laws to put God and G into the

Archimedes Plutonium Law: V = i * (I" cos^2(A)) = I * R
( Modification of Ohm's Law taking Malus's law into account to model
conductivity. )

And where is hanson's equation that models oscillators in a gravity field?

I might mention that Trebert's Law seems to be flawed as
it implies that the product of the energy of any two bodies
is always equal to the constant ( G / c^2 )

but note that hanson's equation is simplier and
works better the Relativity,

Archimedes Plutonium may be on to something big,

and Potter's Law is a bullet proof model
of being and becoming.

Tom Potter