Date: Jan 30, 2013 11:28 PM
Author: GS Chandy
Subject: Re: New Issue of journal on proof available

Jerry Becker posted Jan 29, 2013 4:10 AM (GSC's remarks follow):
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> Sent at the request of Maria Alessandra Mariotti.
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> The new issue of the International Newsletter The
> Teaching and
> Learning of Mathematical Proof is on-line; you can
> find it at
> <>http://www.lettredela
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I took a look at the newsletter "The Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Proof".

There seem to be some interesting articles in there, for example:

- -- "Generating and using examples in the proving process Educational Studies in Mathematics" (2013)
- -- "Teachers modify geometry problems: from proof to investigation" (2013)
- -- "A case study of one instructor's lecture-based teaching of proof in abstract algebra: making sense of her pedagogical moves" (2012)
- -- "Preuve et algèbre au collège : de la conception d'une séquence d'apprentissage à l'évolution du cadre théorique de référence" (2012)
and so on and so forth and so on...

Many of the articles do appear to be quite interesting and, possibly, even useful.

On investigating further, you are taken to a "Springer Publications" website, which provides an abstract of the paper named - and informs you that it will cost (AND COST!!!) to see the paper itself!

The charges for a viewing of each papers is in the region of US $ 40. This is the charge that M/s Springer feel is fair to enable someone just to look at EACH paper!

Thank you Professor Maria Alessandra Mariotti (who sent the information to Professor Jerry Becker) - but no thanks. You are most welcome to so inform your Springer principals.

In fact, you could inform them that, in future, I shall charge them US $ 50 to glance at any of their laudable publications.