Date: Jan 31, 2013 3:05 PM
Subject: Welcome to <sci.math>. These suggestions may help you.

  These notes are not official in any way, but if you are new to this
group you may find them helpful.

1.    Messages posted to <sci.math> may be about mathematics at any
level.  Please don't post OT (off-topic) messages about other things.

Be cautious about cross-posting (posting the same message to more than
one news group) - see section 6 below.

Some questions may have better luck in a more specialized news group
such as <sci.stat.math>, <sci.logic> or <sci.math.num-analysis>.

2.    Your subject heading should show briefly what sort of mathematics
is in your message.  For example, "Differentiating trig functions" is a
good subject, but "Help!" is a bad subject.

3.    Include the text of your question in the message itself (not the
subject heading), even if you also refer to a web page for a good

4.    Type mathematical formulae in the ordinary ASCII characters on
your keyboard.

Use  ^  for powers, for example  aaaa = a^4 .

You will rarely need * for multiplication, but use plenty of
brackets/parentheses.  For example,  e^2x/5  could mean  
(e^2)x/5  or  (e^(2x))/5  or  e^(2x/5).

Use plenty of spaces.  For example,   2x + 5y = 12   is easier to read
than   2x+5y=12.

5.    This news group is open to everybody.  Some people have bad
manners, and some cranks presume to know more mathematics than they
really do.  You may be wise to ignore their messages.  Plenty of users
want to discuss mathematics without rude arguments.  I hope you enjoy
being one of them.

6.    You may want more information.

If you are struggling with Google Groups or Math Forum, some better news
servers and other helpful ideas are included in William Elliot's message

Some good general advice about news groups, cross-posting, not
multi-posting or top-posting, etc. is Stan Brown's "Play Nice on Usenet"
web site <>.

The <> FAQ at <> include more
details about typing formulae at

The older <sci.math> FAQ are at
<>.  To see
topics in the newer draft by Rogerio Brito <>, go to
=tree> and click on "blob".

        Ken Pledger.

[Suggestions for shortening or clarifying these notes are welcome.]