Date: Jan 31, 2013 9:34 PM
Author: f8ckplutonium
Subject: Re: revealing the decades of shoddy superconductivity research and reportin

> Decades of sloppy physics research in
> superconductivity revealed.
> Now I have been complaining and griping for many
> posts, that the
> physics researchers in superconductivity are horribly
> sloppy,

Really? You haven't found a link to Wikipedia or to Youtube--since linking to Wiki or Youtube is the closest
you come to doing research --that satisfies you, baboon?

Still, notice how, despite your megalomaniac pronouncements, no one gives a damn, because you are nothing more than an unwitting clown, a bufoon that elicits nothing but guffaws.

Now go hang yourself, you stupid worthless fuck, you waste of fucking life. Your repeated stupid , unsupported and unsupportable pronouncements have become tiresome. Go spit out your senility somewhere else.