Date: Feb 1, 2013 12:31 AM
Author: JT
Subject: 1/3 partitioned expansion in different bases

Sorry it was late night my head was not clear i try again.

How is fraction 1/3 expressed in base 3, of course in base 10 it do
have unfinished decimalexpansion.
But has it really in base 3???

And this is where number zero gets interesting, because when you use
zero number 3 is expressed 10 in base 3 right?

But in a number system without 0 it should *undoubtly* be expressed a
single 3.

And number 6 be 13 number 9 be 23 do you people agree?
From this (may) also follow that 1/3 in such a number system would be
expressed .1 do you people agree?
And 0.999... would be expressed as 0.3 or.......?

I could easily adjust my base changer to this, and in this zeroless
number system 3+1/3 would be expressed 3,1
6+1/3 would be expressed 2,1

Now can you people see any benefits from my new bases without 0. It
seem that unfinished decimal expansion vanish in certain bases or?

How does this basesystem make you feel angry, annoying or just

Is there something deep profound to all this, if i just could
what. I think it has something todo with factoring.

For now i just wants commenting upon the proposed new bases without
zeros good or bad, advantages disadvantages?

Would you like me make a version of my base changer where 1/3 do not
have unfinished decimal expansion and all bases expressed without