Date: Feb 1, 2013 10:34 AM
Subject: Re: Matheology § 203

On 1 Feb., 16:18, William Hughes <> wrote:
> Let a potentially infinite list, L,
> of potentially infinite 0/1 sequences
> have the property that every
> (in the sense of "all from 1 to n")
> potentially infinite 0/1 sequence
> is a line of L

I just gave an example. Do you agree? Or do you think of something
> Let s be a potentially infinite
> 0/1 sequence.
> Does this imply that there is
> a natural number m, such that s
> is the mth line of L
> ?

Would you please notice that "all" in the sense of "from 1 to n"
simply means "all lines that are in the list". Of course they are in
the list. Not more and not less. Why the heck should some other,
external line that is not in the list, be in the list?

Hint: You try to ask for a 0/1 sequence of the set of all possible 0/1
sequences. My answer is: There is no set of all possible 0/1
sequences. Therefore your question is meaningless in potential

Regards, WM