Date: Feb 1, 2013 6:16 PM
Subject: A numerical solver for polynomial systems


I am working on a polynomial system solver. It solves systems of polynomial equations in many variables numerically over the complex numbers. It is still under active development. But I would like to invite people who are interested to test it out via a convenient email interface I just wrote: Simply put your polynomial system in an email and send it to

My software will solve it automatically. If successful, it will send the results back to you immediately (of course, some systems may takes some time to solve). Please use the following input format for your polynomial system:

1. Use the * symbol for multiplication and ^ for power.
2. Enclose your entire polynomial system in curly braces.
3. End each component (equation) of your system with a semicolon but do not use the equal sign.

All the text outside the curly braces are ignored by the software. Here is an example


Of course, as a testing platform, I do impose certain limits in the size of the system (number of variables, number of terms, the precision, and etc.) to conserve our computational resource. For more detail, please visit, and fee free to email me at should you encounter any problems.