Date: Feb 2, 2013 10:08 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: Rotten to the Core: War on Academic Standards

> > I also encourage the spreading of debating skills,
> > though not necessarily
> > "spreading" which is the technique of speaking really
> > quickly in Cross-X.
> > That's a more specialized sport. Lincoln-Douglas is
> > a better example of
> > what I encourage.
> >


> I don't know what "Cross-X" is. I don't know what Lincoln Douglas might
> have spoken.

Yes, I expected this reference might not register with you, as it's
somewhat obscure.

Too bad you can't click on movie clips, as a movie is worth 10,000 words.

The first couple minutes of this movie 'Resolved' gives a sense of what
"spreading" is, a way of talking that's coached, and is aimed at fitting
more syllables per time unit into human speech, thereby upping the

It's an interesting experiment in rhetoric, even if people like to put it

A certain petroleum executive from a sponsoring company saw how "spreading"
was alienating a potentially large viewing audience from this sport (which
should be televised more).

The USA's National Forensic League is the currently the dominant organizer
of contests between USA high school debaters, both teams and individuals.

The Lincoln-Douglas (LD) format was invented partly to appease this
executive, as it does not emphasize citing lots of facts, but instead
making philosophical arguments, based on values. LD is one-on-one.

I know so much about all this thanks to my daughter, who turned herself
into an LD champion and went to NFL finals two consecutive years (Dallas in
2011 and Indianapolis in 2012).