Date: Feb 3, 2013 2:52 AM
Author: David Latin
Subject: Using hyperlinks to move to computations and back to text


I am using M9 to take notes from an online course, writing into a Text
cell, but occasionally I want to be able to use a hyperlink at a place in
the text to jump to some illustrative computation code in the same
notebook. At the end of that code there should be another hyperlink to
jump back to the original text position.

I can do this procedure manually (tediously) of course, but has anyone
formulated some more automated procedure for this please?

It would be really efficient if a "button" can be clicked to input the
label for the hyperlink that jumps to the computation code, while dividing
the current text cell just below the cursor and inserting a new cell, in
order to assign a tag to this new cell for returning from the computation
code. Another "button" would create a new hyperlink after the code, in
order to jump back to the text.

Or is there a better solution for effectively typing-up a textbook with
hyperlinks for illustrative example detours?

Any help would be much appreciated.