Date: Feb 3, 2013 8:20 PM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: making a Module or Column that will print lines interspersed with plots

Print the plots, just as everything else was printed.

David Park

From: Bruce Shore []

I run Mathematica 7. I have some legacy notebooks, from Mathematica 5, in
which there were Modules such as

macro :=Module[{j},
Print["something else"];

where plota and plotb were plots. Now with Mathematica 7 the semicolons
prevent the plots from showing up. Show[plota]; has the same problem. The
semicolons, which are needed in a Module, prevent the plotting. I have
tried using a Column or a Graphics column,

Print["something else"],

and this does the printing and the plotting, but all the printing comes at
the beginning and all the plots come after that. I really want the printing
to come in between the plots, in the order that I show them. How can I do

Bruce Shore
(925) 455 0627