Date: Feb 4, 2013 3:50 AM
Author: Barry Shaw
Subject: Re: storing row vectors in a matrix

>> for i = 1 : 26
image_vector = rand(100,100);
transformed_image_vector = reshape(image_vector,1,10000); % your user-defined function.
all_vectors(i,:) = transformed_image_vector;


"Prateek " <> wrote in message <kenmmr$rfu$>...
> i want to read an image apply a function to it and convert the resulting matrix into a row vector and store the result in a matrix and i need to do the whole process 26 times for 26 different images
> for eg i have image of 100x100 for which i have a user defined function which processes it and i have converted this 100x100 matrix in to a 1x10000 vector now i want to store it into a matrix and 25 other similar to it the result should be a matrix of 26x10000 dimensions
> please help me to store these row vectors(1x10000) in to a matrix(26x10000)