Date: Feb 4, 2013 7:59 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: I've Been To The Ends of the Universe (We Need A New Oort)

What must be the case is that I'm following in Oort's footsteps... If
I joke about bees then does that mean that I'm nutso? Oort was a whack
job and how ironic is it that physics respects him... I comprehend
Oort!! I really do!! And he's still insane. The last time I
disambiguated Saturn, I was non-plussed by the response I got...
Saturn is very important to science... At the highest levels in
academe, what is a sphere is far from being a pedantic discussion.
I'll tell you what the problem is. The problem is that science needs a
new Oort and apparently I've been elected. Earth-Moon is a closed
system because of Saturn-Jupiter... Earth's pole reversals have a
possible cause in Mercury... Mercury causes an impulse magnetic field
on the Moon which in turn causes Earth to have pole reversals? (seems
plausible to me)... Saturn might be a sphere... but it apparently has
a split core... Saturn is like 'diatomonous' in it's magnetic
makeup... If there is an imbalance (caused by Jupiter), Saturn ejects
core at the poles. Earth is a closed system... It's magnetic makeup is
too complicated to comprehend from the outside looking in.