Date: Feb 4, 2013 9:08 PM
Author: Brian Q. Hutchings
Subject: Re: The 11 Most Beautiful Mathematical Equations

typically obfuscating nondimensional analysis,
you twosome. space is clearly three-dimensional
for several applications (surveying & navigation e.g.),
and it is clearly "more complicated that that,"
for both interatomic & intergalactic processes,
hence the enormous efficacy of stringtheory
for appreciating the many "quantized" phenomena,
beginning with the Kaluza theory.

however, the "compactification to a string"
of Klein may not be necessary;
it is simply an abstuse math-speak;
it may not be "hidden variables," but
there are "hidden dimensionalities" or spaces,
at least in a formal sense.

it is not that Kaluza was wrong, it's just that
no-one knew how to treat of such dimensionality,
other than through phase-spaces (like Hamiltonians and
Lagrangians) -- with the notable exception
of quaternions, or "the first-get vector mechanics,
wherefrom we get *all* of the lingo thereof."

> > Th. Kaluza agreed with Einstein and in 1921 tried
> > to explain SRT using 5D space.