Date: Feb 5, 2013 1:13 AM
Subject: solving the neutrino as the dual of the photon #1201 New Physics<br> #1321 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Alright, I am in good shape for these last 100 or less pages of New
Physics. Made many new discoveries but am lacking of one item that
bugs me. I am still obscure of the neutrino, and the displacement
current. And I think the two are related.

Picking up where I last dropped off on the neutrino. I said this about
the neutrino:

1) it is pure energy and not a transverse wave but a longitudinal wave
to carry away tiny excess energy

2) it maybe the medium in Space for other waves like photons to travel
in; the aether so to speak

3) neutrinos relate to magnetic monopoles

I need to make more progress on the neutrino in this 5th edition. I
hate to face the 6th edition in the state of condition now with
regards to the neutrino.

But I think I can make that progress in these last pages of New

Just yesterday I was talking of the primitive axiom terms or concepts.
Surely the magnetic monopole has to be in the top ten of primitive
terms of physics.

Now one of the major drawbacks of neutrino is that the particle rarely
interacts with matter and so the facts and character and behavior of
neutrinos is a small pool of facts.

But if we take the Maxwell Equations as the axiom set over all of
physics, we have to ask the questions of the neutrino from the point
of view of the Maxwell Equations. There are magnetic monopoles in the
Symmetric Maxwell Equations. But is there anything to the equations
that hints of neutrinos? Faraday said that the light wave was a
disturbance in the Maxwell Equations, and so photons are easily seen
as part and parcel of the equations but can we ever discern neutrinos
from the Maxwell Equations?

I think, and this is only a guess, that the displacement current is a
aspect of neutrinos.

And, I am going to make a speculative guess here, that where
electricity is the perpendicular of magnetism, that the neutrino
stands in a similar relationship to the photon. In other words, the
neutrino is a form of the photon, but the major difference is that the
photon is a double transverse wave while the neutrino is a
longitudinal wave. If I am correct, then the neutrino has the same
speed of light as does the photon and that the two are not exactly
antiparticles of one another, but a duality relationship and that
photons and neutrinos have no antiparticles.

One would never say that the electricity is the antiparticle of
magnetism, but rather they are duals. In the same vain, the photon is
the dual of the neutrino.

Now, what is meant by dual? I mean the photon is the particle in
Euclidean geometry where you have +1 charge combined with -1 charge to
make a 0 charge space. The neutrino is the particle that occupies
NonEuclidean geometry. The neutrino occupies the space of charge -1,
the electron or lepton space.

Now, what brings me to these ideas that the neutrino is the
perpendicular dual of the photon is the displacement current in the
Maxwell Equations. It is there but seemingly having no function,
purpose or meaning other than just there.

Now there is a mathematics method, I discovered some years back that
gives credence to what I am saying about neutrinos being the
perpendicular of the photon, just as magnetism is the perpendicular of

If you take the Descartes Coordinate System to task, it is the system
for Euclidean geometry, where there are 4 quadrants and where the
positive and negative are separated from one another. In physics, we
do not have positive over in 2 quadrants and negatives a world apart
in the other 2 quadrants. In physics, the positive and negative are
close by one another so that the whole of the universe is neutral or 0

So a few years back, I invented the AP Coordinate System and it comes
in handy right here and right now.

AP Coordinate System has just one quadrant, the first quadrant. The
points are different from Cartesian points. The points in AP, have
both a positive side to the point and a negative side to the point.
The positive side is ahead in any direction from the negative side.

The reader can instantly recognize how the AP system works by graphing
the sine or cosine function or the straightline function y = x.

The sine or cosine function graphed in AP Coordinate System looks like
the cycloid function graph. Now I wish I had a upside down U because
the cycloid would look like UUUU only upside down.
The next best thing is this symbol^ only with a rounded top as ^^^^^^.
Or, better yet just look at the cycloid in Wikipedia.

So when one makes a point in space in AP Coordinates, each and every
point has a positive side to the point and a negative side to the
point and that eliminates the need to have 4 quadrants because all
graphs can be held in just one quadrant.

In Cartesian coordinates, the graph of y = x is a 45 degree angle
straight-line that cuts at the origin and extends into the 3rd
quadrant. But in the AP system the graph of y = x is just the 1st
quadrant only because negative numbers exist alongside positive
numbers and not in their own separated cutoff realm.

Now the AP system allows some equations to be functions that the
Cartesian system never allowed. For example the circle is not a
function in Cartesian but since it is half a circle in AP system, the
circle is a function.

So, what is the special meaning of the AP system? Well, in Cartesian
coordinates, we have positives separated from negatives and in the
Maxwell Equations, the double transverse wave is the separation of
positive from negative. So that the sine or cosine curves are photons,
but those are transverse waves. We want the perpendicular of the
transverse wave which is the longitudinal wave.

The longitudinal wave is derived as the perpendicular of the
transverse wave if the points are combined positive with negative
resting side by side.

What I hope to achieve in these last pages of New Physics is to show
that the neutrino is the photon as a duality relationship, the same as
that the magnetism is the dual of electricity. And I wish to show the
displacement current and magnetic current density is the neutrino. It
means the neutrino has no rest mass, and it travels at the speed of

Now if I am especially lucky, I think the neutrino is the aether of
Space and it is magnetic monopoles that tile Space. And that finally,
the entropy concept of 2nd law of thermodynamics that says entropy is
steadily increasing, is simply the statement that the Space of the
Atom Totality Universe is getting larger with time. So that entropy is
a measure of neutrinos
increasing in number to form newer regions of Space.


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