Date: Feb 5, 2013 5:17 PM
Author: Kamil Szwaba
Subject: Mtalab symbolic gives me warnig on some mri connected eq.


i am currently working on some paper about MRI in heart. I have quite big equation to solve. I have tried matlab symbolic toolbox but it is giving me a wornig: Explicit solution could not be found. Equation is:
exp(-te/t2app) = mbv/exp(te*(alfa1*oef^2 + alfa2*oef + alfa3)) - (mbv - 1)/exp(te*((r21t*mbv^2*oef^2*te^2)/9 + r20t))

I have to find oef from that equation.
Please help me, i am in quite a rush with that. Why symbolic is not solving it? Is there any solution?