Date: Feb 6, 2013 8:01 AM
Subject: Any ideas of how to make use of this file

C:\cygwin>gcc -c Musatov.CSharp.S -c Musatov.CSharp.cs
The contents of the "desc:" lines are printed out at the top of the
summary. This is a generic way of providing simulation specific
information, e.g. for givingMore than one line of info can be
presented for each file/fn/line number. In sucCounts can be "." to
represent zero. This makes the files easier for humans to rThe number
of counts in each line and the summary_line should not exceed the
number of events in the event_line. If the number in each line is
less, cg_annotateA file_line changes the current file name. A fn_line
changes the current function name. A count_line contains counts that
pertain to the current filename/fn_name. A "fn=" file_line and a
fn_line must appear before any count_lines to give thEach file_line
will normally be immediately followed by a fn_line. But it doesn'The
summary line is redundant, because it just holds the total counts for
each event. But this serves as a useful sanity check of the data; if
the totals for eagcc -c Musatov.CSharp.S -c