Date: Feb 7, 2013 5:28 PM
Subject: clear and substantial evidence that the neutrino is magnetic<br> monopoles #1208 New Physics #1328 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

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> Superconductivity is to do with the electron travelling as a wave
> through the lattice of the crystal so that the wavelength fits the
> lattice. The lattice has to be cold otherwise lattice vibrations scatter
> the electron waves.

some truth

> The electron in an atom has a wavelength that fits the orbit. It's as
> simple as that. It is quantised because only harmonics fit the orbit. A
> photon is created because the old electron wavelength interferes with
> the new one and this vibration makes the photon which is also a wave.

some truth

(snipped silliness)

the electron and photon form some sort of alliance that is a geometry.
Don't have time to fish that out as yet.

> Dr Chris

Because the beta decay is continuous in energy means we can have a
neutron decay where there is no neutrino and have purely:

Neutron --> proton + electron

Where there is no missing energy and yet we have to have a neutrino
for the spin conservation.

What that indicates is that the neutrino is a energyless particle and
a massless particle and is a particle only for its spin, in order to
conserve the interaction of neutron decay.

Some neutrons decay where there is no neutrino.

That means neutrinos are part of space as magnetic monopoles and that
means that magnetic monopoles have spin 1/2.


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