Date: Feb 8, 2013 2:11 AM
Subject: strong evidence neutrinos are magnetic monopoles with longitudinal<br> wave #1210 New Physics #1330 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Alright, let us examine that extraordinary graph in detail on this

On the horizontal axis we have electron kinetic energy (MeV) and on
the vertical axis we have relative number of electrons. The maximum KE
is 0.782 MeV. Now, the fact that we have electrons
with the full 0.782 MeV and no energy for the new particle, but that
we require the new particle in order to save conservation of spin and
other conservation laws, indicates to us, that the new particle must
be part of Space itself-- the magnetic monopole.

When this new particle does have energy, some of the KE of 0.782 MeV,
we have to ask what form of wave it must have? It can be two forms,
either it is a transverse wave or a longitudinal wave. If it is a
transverse wave, its spin is 1 or 0. If it is a longitudinal wave, its
spin is either plus or minus 1/2.

I am sorry that I never payed attention to that historic Pauli
graphing of the neutron decay of 1930 with its violation of
conservation laws, until now. I guess when we pay attention to detail
is only when we are in active pursuit of something, and I am in active
pursuit of the neutrino as magnetic monopoles of a longitudinal wave.

I am not sure, but, is this the only graph in physics of number of
particles versus KE energy that is of this type of graph?


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