Date: Feb 8, 2013 10:48 PM

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> Y=any prime number till infinity, in a legitamate prime series X= the second preceding number to Y Z= the second following prime number to Y X*Y+[y*(Z-X)]=Y*Z ( Constant for all prime numbers infinte) The value of Z-X is constant to a prime number and its spiral set at the half line +2 , and represents the midline for the spiral sets, and is by ascension at 1:3 divergence--- 12,14,16, 18,20,23. Example (97*103)+(103*12)=(103*109) 109-97=12 Value 16 at halfline is only for prime spiral set 19, 41, 43, 73 only " All your bearded Papas of Mathematics including Riemann , Euler , Fermat and the current thier " big and stupid prime numbers" they discover. real bright , real snapper." They are making all of you like them , big beards but no understanding. References [1] Cameron .V, The disproof and fall of the Riemann?s hypothesis by quadratic base: The correct variable distribution of prime numbers by the clear mathematics of the half-line values (?Chan function?) of prime numbers, International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 2 (1) (2013) 103-110. [2] Cameron V, den Otter T. Prime numbers 2012. JAm Sci 2012; 8(7):329-334]. (ISSN: 1545-1003), [3] Cameron V, Prime number Coordinates and calculus J Am Sci, 2012; 8(10):9-10]. (ISSN: 1545-1003). [4].Prime number19, Vedic Zero and the fall of western mathematics by theorem. International journal of applied mathematical research 2(1) (2013)111-115 Acknowledgements 1. My Lord Jesus Christ, by his special grace to me, specially the teaching of humility and clarity. 2. Dr. Hong Ma editor of Journal of American science who was humble / decent to me and understood creativity in Science, he is instrumental in giving us confidence. 3. IJAMR, and Professor B Bathia, for very decent understanding obtuse mathematics in succinct fashion

I MUST add that we have used some mathematical intution to use to chords to create a divergent and convergent spiral. The single cord is too monolithic and not rational